Arthritis pain in shoulder

About Me

By Linda Rook

Meet Linda!

Hi my name is Linda; I am married with two grown-up children. When the children were at school age, I decided to go back to work. 

One day, on an icy December day in the 1970s, I was walking back to work after having my lunch. I slipped on some ice and fell with my right knee cap, going across a corner of a curb. I went back to work and thought nothing of the fall and carried on doing my work, and never thought about it again. 

Until my right hip started to be very painful. The pain was so bad that I had to go to my doctor, where they sent me to the hospital for an X-ray. The x-ray showed that the fall I had, in December, left my right hip and knee joint with the onset of osteoarthritis.

I was given painkillers and rubbing gel, and lived with pain for some years. Until the pain got so bad that I went back to see the physician. 

The physician did more tests, and found that the hip was so badly damaged, due to osteoarthritis, they said that I needed a hip replacement.

The day of the operation on the right hip came, the operation took about three hours.  I went home after about six weeks, until I could walk and go upstairs with the crutches.


When I finally had the all clear to go home, and after about two years, my pains were chronic.  I went back to my doctors, where they sent me for more x-rays, where they found that the replacement hip, had left me with the right leg ¾ inch longer than the left leg.

There was nothing that they could do about my different length legs, only that I needed a block in my left shoe, so every time I needed a new pair the cobblers need to put a block on the shoe.

Since having the hip operation in the 1980s, and with the right leg longer than the left, I now live with a wonky spine consequently, the bottom of the spine is now painful.

This has now left me with arthritis of the lower back, and arthritic symptoms which seem to be travelling all over my body with painful joints in my knees, elbow,

wrist, fingers, and hips.

Struggling with my weight, since having osteoarthritis. I have done some research into dieting for arthritic people.

I am now retired, and thought of different things that I could do to help others with this terrible disease.

I found that thousands of people, like myself, are living with arthritis.  In 2019 when the pandemic started, I stumbled upon the idea to do blogs, videos, and eBooks on helping people with arthritis. This is where my journey on the internet started.

I first studied all about arthritis, so that I will be able to give you information on this terrible disease.

I now spend my days writing information on my website and video channel, to help others with the same conditions.