What To Drink When You Have Arthritis 

 August 29, 2022

By  Linda Rook

flaxseed in your favourite drink


When you have arthritis, a healthy lifestyle and diet will help improve your symptoms.  Also vital is to keep active, keep your body weight healthy and if you smoke try and stop.  

Nutrition is in foods, but a large portion of nutrition is in the drinks we have. Therefore, choosing a healthy beverage is the same as choosing healthy food.

Any food or drink is passed through your body, giving your organs information, which can harm your body and how you feel.

For example, too many sugary drinks will have a negative effect on the body as the sugar will absorb calcium. Therefore, your teeth and joints will become worse and unsuitable for people with arthritis.


People wake up dehydrated, so you should have a glass of water when you wake.  Also you should drink a glass of water before sitting for a meal. It is recommended to have eight glasses of water throughout the day.

But water can become boring. There are beverages out there that can help with arthritis. But it would help if you avoided soda, sugary drinks, aspartame, and phosphoric acid, as these may worsen your symptoms.

Beverages that will help your arthritis pain.

The following beverages could help you with your pains and inflammation of arthritis.


Tea is beneficial for people with arthritis; you can drink it black or white. Tea is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients. Green tea is much better as it has EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate); this has been seen to have a hundred times stronger antioxidants than vitamin C and E, which helps to prevent damage to the cartilage and bones.

All three types of tea, black, white and green, are rich in polyphenols, a compound that comes from some plants with good strong anti-inflammatory ingredients.

But tea generally has caffeine, so you should drink it in moderation and try not to drink it before you go to sleep.

Green tea - herbs
Mug of Coffee


Coffee has antioxidant polyphenols, which means that it helps to fight free radicals that are in the body, which could cause all types of severe cell damage.

Research has also found that coffee may protect you against gout. However, more research needs to be done, as some say there is an increased risk of RA and OA, and some say coffee helps arthritis.

The best thing is, as in tea, to keep the drinking in moderation, say no more than two a day, and also keep an eye on the caffeine, especially espresso coffee, which is full of whipped cream that is full of sugar and causes more calories. Consequently, your weight will spiral upwards.

There seems to be more research on coffee and osteoporosis, and RA. Different studies have shown that coffee can increase the risk, whereas other studies show no connection.


There are conflicting studies on milk (dairy products) as well. Some say that linking dairy and inflammation, and if you have arthritis, you should go dairy-free. But other studies show that dairy items can reduce inflammation. Therefore, there is not enough research to say that people with arthritis should stay clear of milk.

However, milk is good as it has calcium, vitamin D and protein. Milk can also prevent gout and help the progression of OA.

If you are not lactose intolerant, like myself, with IBS, it would be helpful to go for low-fat milk to avoid extra calories and saturated fats.

Calcium - milk and yoghurts
Apple and Orange juice.

Fruit Juices.

The best fruits high in antioxidants and vitamin C are oranges, tomatoes and pineapple. The antioxidants help to deactivate the inflammation.

Juices are high in sugar and calories, so it is best to keep to a sensible amount per day. You should consult your doctor if you like grapefruit juice, which can alter some medications.


Smoothies are the best from juices as you are using all the fruit or vegetables, meaning you are getting all the fibre that helps to clean your arteries and helps with constipation.

You can make smoothies with all sorts of colourful berries, and dark green leafy vegetables high in antioxidants like spinach or kale are full of nutrients and vitamins.

Try adding a low or no sugar yoghurt with the smoothie; yoghurts are full of bacteria probiotics that are good friendly bacteria that has various health benefits, also yoghurts are full of essential vitamins.

Fruit Smoothie
Alcohol - Red and White wine


There is not enough research into wine and arthritis, but some studies showed that wine is associated with a reduced risk of OA in the knee. Also, they found moderate drinking is associated with a decrease in RA.

Studies have found that with gout, it’s recommended that you should stop drinking alcohol as it can increase the frequency and the severity of the attacks.

But the experts agree that there aren’t sufficient health benefits from alcohol to start drinking. But if you enjoy a tipple, you must drink it in moderation. The general recommendation is one glass daily for women and two for men.


Water is the best; it dehydrates the body and is vital for flushing toxins out, which can fight inflammation. Drinking water can also help keep the joints lubricated and help gout attacks. Also, if you drink a glass of water before eating a meal, you will eat less and therefore lose weight.

The daily amount of water that is recommended is eight glasses a day.

Glass of water
Cabbage juice


Fruit and vegetables have antioxidants that help with most types of arthritis, such as OA.  

When I was small, my mother always gave my sisters and me cabbage water, ‘it has all the nutrition in it that you needed,’ mum used to say.

It’s true today. When you consume vegetable juice, you are getting all the concentration of vegetables that you may not usually have.

Some foods affect the inflammation that is related to arthritis. But be careful as some fruit and vegetables can help with inflammation, and some fruit and vegetables could lead to more inflammation.


Arthritis is an incurable disease, and if you are suffering from this, you should keep a healthier lifestyle that could help improve your symptoms.

Research has shown to avoid certain beverages and foods, such as fried foods, red meat, sugary foods and drinks.

Lastly, keep active, keep to a healthy body weight, and if you smoke, you should stop.

Always consult with your doctor if you have any questions.

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I hope this blog has helped.

Linda Rook

Linda is now retired and has suffered from Osteoarthritis for about 40+ years.  She struggled with her weight until she found the correct one that also helped with her arthritic pain.  Linda was in terrible pain until the physician thought her right hip needed replacement. 

Now Linda has an artificial right hip, which has left her with the left leg shorter than the right.  Therefore, her spine is now wonky, and has arthritis of the lower back, also it seems to be going all over the body, her pain is now in the knees, elbow, wrist, fingers and both hips.

Linda now spends her days writing information to help others with the same conditions, so they do not suffer like Linda.

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